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Protected identity and sanction background search. 

Be more confident in a new hire and save time with AccuSearch accurate identity reports. Protect yourself and your company with our detailed and high-quality background searches.


SSN Trace

We assist in determining whether an applicant is disclosing his/her true identity and honestly stating his or her employment/ residence history. The social security trace will detail the residences where an individual has lived for the past 7-10 years. Also included in the report may be additional names associated with an individual as well as past employers and additional social security numbers that may have been used by the applicant.

Motor Vehicle Report

Employers frequently request a driving report on any candidate who will drive a company car or a personal car on behalf of the company since a driver’s record can sometimes reveal a history of unsafe or irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. A motor vehicle record (MVR) details the applicant’s driver’s license number, address, and date of birth, as well as driving history. In most states, we can return driver history reports in a matter of minutes!

National Security Watch List

Nationwide search for wants and warrants by Full Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number, Race and Sex. This search looks for Wants and Warrants on an individual for Extraditable Offenses.

Information returned may include Name, DOB, SSN, Sex, Race, Height, Weight, Eye color, Hair color, Disfigurements, Birthplace, AKA's, Last Address, Date of Warrant, and Reason Issued.

Civil Searches (County & Federal)

We offer Federal and County Civil searches to complement the criminal searches typically conducted by organizations.

Employment Credit Report

Many positions within organizations confer financial responsibility or access to sensitive data, cash drawers, inventory or other valuables.  The use of credit reports may help to protect your organization.  Employment credit reports include personal identifiers; payment history information reported by creditors and lenders, including the date each account was opened, respective credit limits or loan amounts, account balances and payment history; as well as public record information concerning any bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens or judgments against applicants. Pre-employment credit reports do not, however, include a credit score.

Fraud Abuse Healthcare Sanctions

To help protect organizations and consumers, we offers a variety of searches aimed at the medical community. Our VeriMed search includes the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Inspector General's database.
The search is consists of the following components: OIG (Office of Inspector General), GSA (General Services Administration), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and action taken by licensing boards in all 50 states.

VeriMed Search - OIG & GSA & FDA & DEA (OIG (Office of Inspector General) & GSA (General Services Administration), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)

Doctor and Patient
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