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Pre-Employment Screening

Hiring a criminal background check company not only creates a safer workplace for your employees, but it reduces your hiring costs. Before you make the decision to hire, it is critical to know the potential candidate’s background. There are numerous databases that contain information from a variety of state, county, and government agencies that can provide additional insight about an applicant’s history.


*All information provided is FCRA compliant.

    In order to validate a SSN, it is critical to identify who the individual is. With industry tools and self-confessed information, we can determine the individual’s residential address as well as any alias names that they may use.
    County, Statewide, and Federal Records We are consistently monitoring data to ensure that we direct you to the best course of action, whether it be on a county, statewide, or federal level. National Criminal Database This service helps employers uncover information that may have been omitted in the hiring process. This service includes millions of records across the United States, from sources including (but not limited to) prison records, parole records, county criminal records, etc. Sex Offender Registry We offer sex offender searches to help identify the offender. Terrorist Watch List A database or “watch list” administered by the U.S. Government and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals.
    A motor vehicle report or MVR is also known as a driving record. The record documents a candidate’s driving report card. (ex. suspensions, traffic violations, etc).
    Professional verifications and licensing (ex. professional engineers (PE), nurses, etc).
    An Education Verification identifies any inconsistencies before hiring a candidate and identifies the candidate’s educational experience, training, and certification claims.
    An Employment Verification ensures not only that your candidate has the right skills and experience required, but it reduces the risk of hiring a candidate with false accreditation. This verification confirms the information provided is accurate and that the candidate meets the position’s qualifications.
    Credit reports provide accurate information regarding the candidate’s financial responsibilities and any risks of negligent hiring. This is highly recommended for any position where the candidate has access to confidential financial information and needs to make critical financial decisions.
    International Information includes criminal records, education verification, and/or employment verification where available.
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